The definition of sales prospecting is the process of reaching out to potential customers in hopes of finding new business.Prospecting is often the first part of the sales process that comes before follow-up communication, lead qualification and sales activity


1. Confidence is everything.

Even if you are new to the role and don’t know as much as you would like yet, the best thing to do is speak with confidence on the phone. Prospects will notice if you don’t feed confident, and it may affect the success of the call. They can’t see you, they don’t know you and only have a bit of time to get them to trust you, so you need to come across with confidence from the start.

2. You’re Going To Make Mistakes.

   Those mistakes are the best learning tools, you learn more from the calls that you fumble than the calls that you score. from  there you can figure out new ways to improve. Every call is a learning opportunity, and every teleprospector makes the occasional mistakes. You’ll learn just as much from bad call as you will from successful ones.            

3. Understand When a Prospect is Not a Good Fit,

For all the qualifying you do, it’s important not to push a product or service on a prospect who is not a good fit. There could be many factors that play into this realization, but when you do, back off. As a teleprospectors, your goal is to determine whether or not the product or service is a good fit based on the pains and needs of the target company, not to pass bad or unqualified leads.

4. Be a Consultant, Not a Salesperson.

         B2B sales is not telemarketing, you don’t need to give your prospects an elevator pitch when you answer the phone, and you don’t need to offer cheesy jargon in lieu of meaningful vernacular. Be helpful friendly and consultative on the phone, offering honest advice and analyzing your prospect’s specific situation.

5. Leverage Marketing To Improve Sales.

        Make an effort to understand how your company’s marketing process integrates with its sales process. You should know the functions of each buyer persona,