Strategies vs. Tactics: Which One Is Superior?: By Sean D’souza


Why do we hate new year resolutions so much?

It’s the new year and most of us are already thinking of not making new year resolutions so why do we hate new year resolutions so much? We hate it because it doesn’t work and the reason why it doesn’t work is because we’re not doing it right. Today we’re going to talk about strategy versus tactics. Your new year resolution so far has probably been a tactic, not a strategy.

Back in 2008, I decided I wanted to play badminton

I wanted to lose a bit of weight, but I also enjoy sport. You see, I don’t really like to do any exercise, I don’t like going to the gym, I can barely tolerate walking, I only do it because I’m listening to something and it helps me pass the time, but sport?

You ask me to play some soccer, or as I call it, football, or cricket, or badminton, well that’s more up my street. I go to play badminton every day at 9 o’clock and then by 12 o’clock I’d be back. Now I wasn’t playing all the three hours, I was playing just a couple of hours, but as you can tell, that’s quite a decent workout. What happened at the end of a couple of months?

I didn’t lose any weight. How could that be the case?

How can you run about like a crazy nut, for two hours, five days a week and not lose any weight? The problem was I was reading it as a tactic, not as a strategy. I’d go and play for those hours every day and then I’d get back and I’d eat a little of this and a little of that and pretty much I was consuming as many calories as I was burning and doing it every single day.

After several months, I was exactly where I started, but not only did I goof up on the food, I was also goofing up on how I approached the game. After three months, I had so many aches and pains because I wasn’t doing stuff right and I gave up the game.

Now I still have my racket with me, I still have my shoes, I still have the badminton shuttle I was playing with when I went from C player to B player which was quite difficult by the way. That is what today’s podcast is about. It’s about the difference between strategies and tactics. You’ve probably figured out the difference between strategies and tactics anyway.

Tactics are like a new year’s resolution

You decide you want to stop smoking, you want to go on a diet, you want to do something and it’s that instant moment of deciding that you want to do something and then you move in a different direction.



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